Teaching Statement

I approach teaching as an opportunity to nurture critical thinking and reasoning skills. Each class has provided a new way of engaging students to assess their own beliefs and challenge the ways in which they approach arguments. Coming from a liberal arts undergraduate education and an analytic graduate program, I combine the best of what each tradition has to offer. Teaching philosophy in the world of Zoom has been a challenging and rewarding exercise, expanding my ability to foster an inclusive and accessible classroom environment.  

Course Instructor

Science and Society: CSI Philosophy (Fall 2022, Spring 2023) (Funded by the University of Utah Teaching Assistantship Award)

Research Ethics (Spring 2022)

Philosophy of Social Science (Fall 2021; co-instructor)

Bioethics (Summer 2019; Summer 2021; Summer 2022)

Teaching Assistant

Inductive Logic (Fall 2020)

Science & Society: Race and Racism (Spring 2020)

Research Ethics (Fall 2019)

Introduction to Human Nature (Spring 2019)