Public Philosophy of Science

Engaging with the broader public, traditionally disadvantaged groups, and K-12 students is of the utmost importance to me and I have been finding ways to incorporate my interests to best serve the needs of these populations.


I am part of the Fall 2022 cohort of STEM Ambassadors. The STEMAP program is funded by the National Science Foundation as a means to train scientists (and those interested in science communication) on how to engage with the public in non-traditional venues. For my project, alongside a Neuroscience graduate student, we worked with STEMCAP and visited a youth detention center to give a guest lecture on neuroscience and philosophy and engage in a  fun art project with the students--if interested in making your own brain hemisphere cap--check it out!

Brain Bee

I am currently on the board of the Salt Lake City  Regional Brain Bee competition. This is a yearly, state-wide neuroscience competition for high school students. The students who sign up are provided a booklet to study information which they will be quizzed on at the competition. I assisted with forming questions for the competition and running the event (planning, set-up, grading, etc.)

Brain Awareness Week

I am on the board of the University of Utah's chapter of Brain Awareness Week. Alongside Neuroscience graduate students, I  visited elementary and middle school aged students to teach them about neuroscience and provide demonstratiosn with human brains.

Student Mentorship

I had the privilege of mentoring a high school student in the design of a psychology study as part of a Regeneron Science Talent Search project. I assisted with developing her project through all stages of the research process, editing her final paper, and assisting with her application for the program.