About Me

I am a Doctoral Candidate of Philosophy at the University of Utah. I work primarily at the intersection of Philosophy of Science, Law, and Applied Ethics under the direction of Dr. Natalia Washington.

My dissertation project is focused on the relationship between mental illness and conceptions of agency, rationality, legal responsibility, and blameworthiness. I explore these issues through the interdisciplinary scholarship on agency, rationality, and neurobiology. It is my hope to assist in reforming these concepts in order to reduce the stigma of individuals with mental illnesses as being less than agential, violent, and unpredictable.

More broadly, I am interested in how the institutions of science and law interact, and how these interactions can disproportionately affect marginalized groups. The questions and concerns that arise in my research are approached from traditional and innovative methods in bioethics, philosophy of science, law, and social philosophy. 

 Originally from Long Island, I made my way to the Green Mountain State and completed my B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology at Saint Michael's College. In my free time, I enjoy hiking up Utah's mountains, skiing down them, and taking in the view with a hot cup of coffee.